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Hello World!!

By guest, Jan 24 2013 11:45AM

Welcome to my new website for the launch of my new album "!Songs To Sell, Tales To Tell" which is out now on Hub Records and available directly from the website in physical CD format for now. Downloads will be coming along later so please check back often for further details.

Mar 21 2013 06:37AM by Steve Gilmour

Sounding good my friend, some thoughtfull lyrics.

May 17 2013 12:16PM by stewart

On track 5 now, enjoying the tunage Billy, well done, liking the different vibes you have going on. If you fancy it you can have a wee listen to my stuff here https://soundcloud.com/elgreebo It's a bit different from your sound, and all recorded in my home studio so no where near as nice sounding, but still, worth a listen if you have a few spare minutes. Thanks again for the album, I'll ejoy giving it a good playinig over the next few weeks. Cheers Stewart (from Clyde)

May 17 2013 12:37PM by stewart

On a final note, "Thoughts from a hospital room" is magnificient, a favourite for me. Cheers again.

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