The Trinkets

Early Clydebank beat band The Trinkets played the scene between 1964 and 1968 having evolved from the earlier incarnation of The Avengers.  The line up was the late Lenny Graham (Vocals), Ian Campbell (Lead guitar and backing vocals), Alan Stephenson (drums), Jack McCabe (bass) and Billy Campbell (guitar and backing vocals).


Having played all over the UK, the boys gained significant status on the live circuit not too mention a very healthy fan club run by Fiorella Walker and managed by Bill Murdoch.


The group were no strangers to radio and TV having clocked up seven appearences on BBCs Home Service programme "Come Thursday" which featured Glasgow bands such as The Beatstalkers and Alex Harvey  to name just a couple.  Notable television appearences included "This Man Craig", and "Where The Action Is" produced by David Bell.


The tracks on this page were recorded at the seminal Scottish studio Craighall in Edinburgh and the legendary Cyril Stapleton on production duties at Marblearch Studios in London.